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What is Ask-Crew?

Ask-Crew is the fastest and easiest way to get personalized online consultations from lawyers, computer specialists, and other Experts at any time of the day and night. All our Experts have successfully passed the 3-step verification process, including license check, skill test, and interview. Here you can quickly get the necessary professional help at a reasonable price.
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How can I ask the question?

To get a personalized consultation on Ask-Crew, go to the Chat page and enter your question in the form. Please wait until we connect you to an Expert who has the required expertise and professional background to solve your problem as soon as possible. Then you can chat with an Expert and ask as many follow-up questions as needed until you get your problem solved. Note that our Experts may also ask clarifying questions to ensure they provide you with the best solution.
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What is included in my subscription?

  • High-class computer specialists. Gain access to the best computer specialists who can help you with any technical issue - from password recovery to remote printer installation
  • Consultations 24/7. Ask questions at any time of the day and night
  • Personal approach. On Ask-Crew, Expert works directly on your issue, taking into account all the details
  • Quick answers. Get professional advice in minutes
  • Unlimited follow-up questions. Continue chatting with your Expert until your issue is solved.
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How can I cancel my subscription?

We are sorry you want to cancel your subscription. Please remember that you can always get a second opinion or request a new Expert on Ask-Crew. If you still want to cancel your subscription, click on the Cancel membership button on the Membership panel in My Account or call us.

+44 (770) 017-4689

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How long do I have to wait for my answer?

An average initial response time on Ask-Crew is 2 minutes.Most Experts provide members with a detailed response within 5 minutes, as they may need to gather some details from you and clarify information. Some complicated questions requiring extensive research may take longer and will be answered within 24 hours via email. Don't worry, you can always return to Chat to continue your dialog with an Expert. We will notify you via email when your answer is ready.
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