How we check our experts at Ask-Crew

Our experts are people who have the required education and professional background to help our members solve their issues online. All of them have successfully passed our 3-step verification process, including license check, skill test, and interview.

3-step verification process

  • License check

    When experts create profiles on Ask-Crew, we ask them to prove their qualifications by uploading their credentials in their professional fields like diplomas, licenses, and more.
  • Skills test

    Every expert who wants to join Ask-Crew is required to pass the skills test. We use guidance from high-class scholars and practitioners on subject matter tests and sample questions and answers from different professional fields to prepare the skills tests for our experts.
  • Interview

    We want to be sure that our members get clear, friendly and polite answers to their questions. That’s why we interview our experts. Only those experts who have successfully passed license check, skills test, and interview get verified accounts on Ask-Crew.
But we don’t stop here. We continue checking the quality of our experts by gathering feedbacks from our members.

Follow-up Checking

  • Ratings

    Our members continuously rate their experience with experts.
  • Mystery shopping

    We involve mystery shoppers who ask questions on our site and then provide us with confidential feedback about the level of customer service and qualification of experts.
  • Peer-to-peer reviews

    Experienced experts can read the answers of their colleagues and flag answers they think should be improved. Also, these experts can give correct answers to the corresponding questions.
  • Quality assurance

    Ask-Crew has developed an algorithm that checks the quality of answers that experts give to members. Those experts who consistently provide answers that don’t meet our standards are removed from the site.